Monday, November 30, 2015


The firs phase was...
Confinement. 90% of my life was to keep awake because your baby did not want to sleep. Or, he was not able to sleep outside the womb, which is very normal. That is a baby. There was a time when Adam did not want to let my nipple off from his mouth for TWO HOURS. Yes, DUA JAM. And guess what? I got new super power. It was the ability to change Youtube videos on my laptop using my BIG TOE, baby. Well, supermom I could say. Oh, and also bleeding nipple because I was so keen to produce more and more breastmilk. Well, it was nothing to me. Hmm..

Second phase..
Adam refused to wake up from 10pm to 6am and I had to wake up every two hours IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT or MORNING for my pumping session. And I did that while watching Youtube. I mean, what else yang aku boleh buat? Kejut Acaiboo from his deep sleep? No way, aku kan isteri mithali yang luar biasa. 

When the maternity leaves was over, after the every-two-hours-pumping session, I woke up at 4am, power pumped the milk for one hour and then took my bath, ready for work. And after that, aku akan make sure untuk susukan Adam at 6am. Direct. Because I wanted him to start his day with me. Sweet kan aku ni. OMG. When he was done, I prepared the milk and we went to rumah Maktok Lela, approximately before 7am aku dah gerak. Wow!