Wednesday, November 10, 2010

4 DA 1 4 ME 4 EVA

i love you..with all my heart..
i dont care what they will say..
as long as u are always be by my side..
this love will remain everlasting..
yes, sometimes i betray u..
when i kept on thinking about the shit..
i am really sorry..
but i do love you..
i love the way you love me..
i adore the way you hit me..
i miss the way you kiss me..
i like the way you say everything to me..
we were meant to be hurt by them..
and we are meant to be with each other..
the way you treat me..
when i was not able even to open my eyes..
i will keep it..
for the rest of my life..
that was the sweetest memory..
and i will never let it fades away..
you have tried to do everything..
just for me..
dont worry..
even though it will takes my whole lifetime..
i will always be there..
giving my supports..
giving my kisses..
giving my hugs..
so that your smile will never end..
i am so proud of you..
being with you..
and remember one thing..
i will never let anybody else to feel the same feeling as mine..

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